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Our lockers are not just called solid plastic. We use a solid plastic hinge assembly, a solid plastic door latch system, and a solid plastic handle.

Our box assembly is machined out of solid plastic using close tolerance computerized machines. The box is then formed and welded to form a strong, square one piece box. The best part is you will receive everything lsted above in the color of your choice and fully assembled ready to use... and our lockers are proudly manufactured and assembled in America!

Our Plastic Lockers
Blue Solid Plastic Lockers

Plastic Lockers!

  • Rustproof
  • Impact Resistant
  • Solid

The Birthplace of Plastic Lockers

The first solid plastic lockers were created in our facility near Clifford, PA nearly 20 years ago. From those humble beginnings as a new company Royal Plastic Lockers has witnessed the plastic locker technology and market grow to become a normal component of many new projects. We are proud to continue our mission to be the company creating new innovations in plastic locker technology such as our floating latch bar, unexposed latch bar mounting assembly, and our solid plastic hinge.